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Hackers are backdooring QNAP NAS devices with 3-year old RCE bug

Hackers are scanning for vulnerable network-attached storage (NAS) devices running multiple QNAP firmware versions, trying to exploit a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability addressed by QNAP in a previous release.

Suspicious Canon outage leads to image.canon data loss

Canon's image.canon cloud storage service has resumed operations after an almost six-day outage that led to data loss for stored images and videos.

USB storage devices: Convenient security nightmares

There’s no denying the convenience of USB media. From hard drives and flash drives to a wide range of other devices, they offer a fast, simple way to transport, share and store data. However, their highly accessible and portable nature makes them a complete nightmare, with data leakage, theft, and loss all common occurrences.

Dropbox quietly launches an invite-only password manager app for Android

Cloud storage service provider Dropbox has launched a password manager app dubbed Dropbox Passwords on the Google Play Store. It is currently in an invite-only beta phase for existing Dropbox users.

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