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Ukraine war: Don’t underestimate Russia cyber-threat, warns US

A senior intelligence official says a cyber-war raging over Ukraine could escalate further.

Hydra: How German police dismantled Russian darknet site

German police say illegal sales on the site amounted to at least £1bn a year

Facebook Blocked Russia and Belarus Hackers Targeting Ukraine

UNC788 was the hacking group behind many cyber espionage activities. These hackers were responsible for tricking many people to reveal their PII about their devices and accounts. The hackers use the following TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures)

Russian vigilante hacker: 'I want to help beat Ukraine from my computer'

A group of "patriotic" Russian hackers say they revel in causing chaos with cyber-attacks on Ukraine.

Both Sides in Russia-Ukraine War Heavily Using Telegram for Disinformation and Hacktivism

Telegram is heavily used by both sides in the Russia-Ukraine war for disinformation and hacktivism

Ukrainian Sites Saw a 10x Increase Attacks Since Russia Invaded Ukraine

Wordfence posted on their site that they found a massive number of systems owned by Ukrainian universities were compromised. This coincided with the attack of Russia on Ukraine.

Microsoft Uncovers New Details of Russian Hacking Campaign Targeting Ukraine

Microsoft shared more details on tactics and techniques that Russia-based Gamaredon hacking group used to facilitate cyberespionage attacks.

Tor Project appeals Russian court's decision to block access to Tor

US-based Tor Project and Russian digital-rights protection org RosKomSvoboda are appealing a Russian court's decision to block access to public Tor nodes and the project's website.

Evil Corp: 'My hunt for the world's most wanted hackers'

The BBC’s Joe Tidy goes to Russia in search of men on the FBI’s cyber most wanted list.

Coronavirus: Russian spies target Covid-19 vaccine research

Russian spies are targeting organisations trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine in the UK, US and Canada, security services have warned. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said the hackers "almost certainly" operated as "part of Russian intelligence services".

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