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WhatsApp is now exchanging close to 100 billion messages each day

Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp is now delivering around 100 billion messages a day. Userbase has grown considerably to two billion users now, compared to 500 million back in 2014.

Beware: New Android Spyware Found Posing as Telegram and Threema Apps

Hackers found impersonating legitimate messaging apps such as Telegram and Threema to infect Android devices with a new malware.

Mobile messengers expose billions of users to privacy attacks

Mobile messengers create privacy concerns by exposing data via discovery services that allow users to find contacts from the address book.

Threema Chat App Decides To Go Open Source

The end-to-end encrypted messaging app Threema goes open source to strengthen its security. Also announced partering with Afinum AG.

Telegram Launched Video Calls For Both iOS And Android

Following the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, Telegram has taken an important step that may serve as an alternate to Zoom. Many privacy savvy users may prefer to ditch Zoom for Telegram.

Signal Launches Message Requests Feature To Fend Off Spammers

Signal Message Requests feature will show sender's message and profile details before accepting or deleting the request, or in group chats.

Telegram now lets users send 2GB files, adds profile videos, and more

The team behind Telegram has released version 6.3 of the app, making it possible to share files up to 2GB in size, set a profile video instead of a profile picture, among other enhancements.

Signal’s New PIN Feature Worries Cybersecurity Experts

The popular Signal encrypted messaging app is now going to store your contacts in the cloud. Experts are worried this compromises users’ privacy.

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