Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with MyCyberHome

What's MyCyberHome and how does it help me stay safe online?

MyCyberHome is a simple yet comprehensive security and privacy mobile application to help everyone stay safe online.

Without any technical knowledge required, MyCyberHome will help you secure:

Does MyCyberHome work on both iPhones (iOS) and Android phones?

Yes, MyCyberHome is available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android smartphones.

It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

How can I use MyCyberHome to block ads, trackers and malicious traffic? (iOS only)

When you access the internet from your mobile browser or any other mobile app, your phone uses DNS services to identify the web site (or URL) you are trying to connect to. By selecting the MyCyberHome secured DNS, it will filter any attempt to connect to an ad server, a tracker or a website which has been identified as malicious.

For extra security and privacy protection, we use AdGuard DNS, an open DNS service provider incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and fully compliant with relevant EU Directives and Regulations as well as relevant national and local legislation and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus, including, but not limited by DSA and GDPR.

Secured Vault and Passwords

How do I import my existing passwords into MyCyberHome?

You can import your passwords from a CSV (comma separated) text file. The first row should contain headers for the list of the following fields:

Required fields: "Title", "Username", "Password"

Optional fields: "URL", "Notes", "2fa" (the 2fa column can contain the secret key of your One-Time-Passwords

If you are using another password manager like 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass, you can export your passwords from their respective apps by choosing the CSV format and making sure the above mentioned fields and header row are included.

How do I import secured notes into MyCyberHome?

You can import any text snippet as a secured note by sharing your existing text or note from other apps such as Apple Notes, Evernote, Google Keep or even Apple Mail:

How safe is it to keep all my passwords in MyCyberHome?

As opposed to most other password managers, MyCyberHome does not store your passwords on the cloud. Everything stays on your phone and on your phone only.

You passwords and confidential notes are protected by a double layer of strong encryption. The MyCyberHome vault applies its own AES 256 encryption before the database file gets encrypted by Apple's own operating system. The encryption key used to secure your vault is itself stored securely in iOS Keychain and can only be retrieved with your biometric authentication (Face ID or Touch ID in accordance with your device capabilities).

How does MyCyberHome check if my passwords have been compromised?

Your passwords are securely encrypted on your device and never uploaded to MyCyberHome servers on the Cloud. Unless you disable this feature on the MyCyberHome Settings page, the app will extract a unique fingerprint of each of your passwords (called SHA1 hash) and compare it to a list of more than 300 million passwords which have already been found in hacked databases on the web or the dark web.

The SHA1 hash cannot be converted back to the original password and is never saved anywhere (neither on your device nor on our servers). For additional security, we only transmit the first 5 characters of that hash over the Internet when comparing with the database of compromised passwords.

Will I lose my passwords if I change or lose my phone?

Because your passwords are never stored on the cloud and only exist on your own device, it is IMPORTANT that you backup your phone. We strongly recommend that you use Apple's own backup feature on iCloud or via iTunes on your computer.

Should you lose your phone or buy a new one, you can simply restore your latest backup and all your passwords and confidential notes will be restored as well.

Please note that it is however currently not possible to restore a backup from an Apple device onto an Android device or vice and versa. We are working on such feature and hope to have this available to all users later this year.

Can I sync my passwords with my iPad or computer?

It is currenyly not possible to sync your passwords between your phone and another device but we will introduce this functionality later this year.

Can I use MyCyberHome to autofill passwords in other apps and web sites?

Yes you can. Go to your iPhone Settings and navigate to Passwords > AutoFill. You will then be able to select MyCyberHome as your default password manager. Make sure to uncheck any other item from the list including Keychain.

Once you have defined MyCyberHome as your default Password Manager, you will start seeing a small "key" icon above the keyboard when you try to login in other mobile applications or websites.

Premium Subscription

What are the benefits of the Premium subscription?

While you can use the MyCyberHome application and most of its features for free, the Premium subscription will offer you additional security and peace of mind:

24/7 monitoring: Premium users receive alerts when their email addresses appear in known data leaks.

Detect Compromised Passwords: Premium users can decide to receive an alert if their passwords appear in data leaks.

Private Aliases Expiry: Premium users can set their private email aliases to automatically expire after a customizable period.

No Usage Restrictions: Unlimited online accounts, private email addresses, passwords and confidential notes.

Can I share my Premium subscription with others?

iPhone / iOS users who have susbscribed to one of our plans which include Family Sharing, can share their Premium subscription with all the family members included in the Family Sharing settings of their Apple account.

This is a great way to keep your loved one safe online.

Family sharing is currently not available on Android.

What is the difference between the Lifetime Premium and the other subscription plans?

Our Lifetime Premium plan never expires. You pay a single one-time fee and can continue to enjoy the exlusive benefits of MyCyberHome Premium for as long as you continue to use the same Apple ID on your iPhone.

Other plans like our Monthly and Yearly Premium subscriptions auto-renew at the end of their respective periods and can be cancelled at any time.

I have changed to a new phone, how can I restore my Premium subscription?

As long as you are still using the same Apple or Google account, you can simply go the to Premium page of the MyCyberHome app and tap on the "Already Paid" link at the top of the page in order to restore your Premium subscription or Lifetime plan.

Please note that it is currenly not possible to transfer a Premium subscription from an Apple device to an Android device. Should you switch from iOS to Android or vice and versa, please cancel your first subscription and re-subscribe on your new device.

How do I cancel my subscription

Your subscriptions are paid and managed through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Should you unfortunately decide to cancel your subscription, please follow the steps below on your device:

On iPhone, open the App Store and tap on the icon that represents your Apple ID at the top of the screen. You should then be able to find a link to all your active subscriptions with the option to cancel them.

On Android. open the Google Play app amd tap the profile icon a the top right. You can then tap "Payments & subscriptions" to manage your current subscriptions.

Identity and Monitored Accounts

What should I do if MyCyberHome tells me that my account has been breached?

MyCyberHome scans the web and the dark web to check if one of your accounts has ever been breached.

Simply go to the Identity section of the app and add your email address or social media account username. MyCyberHome will alert you if that account was found in databases of leaked credentials when the web sites and apps you use get hacked.

Should MyCyberHome alert you that your account has been breached, you should immediately take the following steps:

What's a private anoymous alias and how can I use it to protect my privacy?

Private aliases help you keep your personal email address private by creating unique, random addresses that forward to your personal inbox and can be deleted any time. They look like and are redirected to your real email address. They are completely anonymous and other Apps, websites and businesses can contact you on these addresses without knowing your real email address.

By using different aliases for each web site, you can also decide to cancel/delete any alias as soon as you no longer use that web site or if they start spamming you to much

Premium users can set their private aliases to automatical expire.


I cannot find the list of Best Practices in the MyCyberHome mobile app

The newer version of MyCyberHome was completely redesigned and made more accessible. It aims to always keep our users safer while being far simpler and sleeker. As a result, the Mobile Security Best Practices section was moved here.

Privacy Policy & Terms

End User License Agreement

The use of MyCyberHome is subject to Apple's Standard End User License Agreement.

Does MyCyberHome collect and/or share any of my personnal data?

MyCyberHome was created in order to help people protect their Wifi network, mobile devices, identity and privacy online.

MyCyberHome only collects technical information related to the networks and devices you scan in order to help you identify those networks or devices which could be vulnerable and require your attention.

MyCyberHome also saves the email addresses which you check and monitor or for which you create private and anonymous email aliases.

MyCyberHome never shares any of these information with any partner whatsoever.

Why does MyCyberHome require access to my location?

MyCyberHome never collects, uses nor shares your location.

However, on both Android and Apple devices, the permission to access your location is required in order to detect and analyse your WiFi network. While the app uses the permission to access the WiFi network, it NEVER accesses or reads your location.

What is Connect Messaging?

Connect is our very own exclusive, private messaging and photo sharing app for your closest friends and family members.

We believe that sharing with your friends and family should not require you to share your private life with data analysts and advertisers trying to monetize your online activity. We have therefore built our own alternative to Instagram and WhatsApp to further protect your privacy. You can download Connect Messaging here.

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